We all want our investment money to grow.  The younger we are, the more risk we are willing to take to increase our rate of return – and hoping the faster our money will grow.  But we all worry about how to manage that risk.  We have several different asset classes to pick from when it comes to allocating our invesetment money:  cash/moneymarket; bonds; stocks; real estate; gold/silver; annuities.  We have learned over many years of experience that the best asset class to be invested in for optimum risk/return changes from year to year.  One year the markets favor bonds, then the next, international stocks.  And the one after that, gold.  This is the value of professional advice.  At FFA we have been helping clients effectively manage their investment portfolios with a diversified allocation among asset classes based upon constant research and management.  Put our 25 years experience to work for you by calling today 801-356-9600