First Financial Advisors has been helping families like yours manage family wealth for 25 years. Professional, unbiased investment advice is available for a low quarterly management fee with no commissions. We think the way that you do – don’t take unecessary risks with my money but earn me a decent rate of return.  Schedule an appointment today by calling 801-356-9600 or use our contact page. For more information on managing your family wealth, click on our SERVICES tab on the home page.

Managing family wealth should be a team effort:

    • TAXES = CPA, tax accountant, Enrolled Agent (EA)
    • LEGAL = estate planning attorney for wills & trusts
    •           RISK MANAGER = life insurance, liability, auto, etc.
    •           INVESTMENT MANAGER = Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
    •           LIFE STYLE MANAGER = client

Getting professional advice is the most effective way to handle these important wealth management functions, but you, the client, are still the life style manager. That means setting financial goals and a life-style budget that you share with your team. Together as a team we oversee the management of family wealth. The investment manager tends to be the most important professional team member because he generates the investment returns that pay for everybody else. At FFA, we have been helping families like yours manage their wealth for the past 25 years. Assets are managed for a low, asset management fee of 1 1/2 % a year with no commissions. Contact us today for a no-obligation portfolio review 801-356-9600.